“The Lord is my shepherd  this is my mantra. I live by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I depend on the Holy spirit to Guide and discern for me  the Living Word of God. I have been married for 38 years and have 3 children. I strive daily to live my life according to God’s will. I believe that the USA is  a Christian nation and should continue as such. If you ask my opinion you will get it. If you seek advice from me it will be bible based and I will back up my thoughts with the KJV Bible only. I believe in respect and will give you the same as I get. God Bless,

Daily Scripture 4/15/19
Daily Scripture 4/8/19
Daily Scripture 4/6/19
Daily Scripture 4/5/19
Daily Scripture 2/20/19
Daily Scripture 2/14/19
Daily Scripture 2/13/19

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