Japan needs Jesus!

Hi, I'm my name is Patrick Tufts, I was born May 4th, 1993. I was born in a northwest suburb of Chicago called Palatine, IL. I've been playing the Guitar for 15 plus years and learn new things every time I play I moved to Texas and like most people I love coffee so I found a coffee shop on google called Cuppa espresso bar, I drove up and down the street and couldn’t find it. I called the number and a few mins later they called me back and said they were inside the Irving Bible Church. After a few weeks of going to the Coffee shop, I found out the Owners names are Tiffany and Mimi. I had a Dog named Mimi and my sisters name is Tiffany I KNEW GOD WAS calling me but I didn’t know why. After a few months I started going to the church services started to feel a huge calling from God to become a Pastor never thought about it before I moved to Texas, in fact, I wasn’t even going to church. I went up to the pastor, told him about my calling, and he said let’s meet for Coffee so I emailed him with no reply I wasn’t going to give up. So after a few more weeks, I was in my welding class and I randomly said to the teacher assistant are you religious? To this day I will never know why I asked him that. It’s almost God laid it on my heart to ask him that. He said, “yea why” and I said “I go to the Irving Bible church” and he said, “get out I know the pastor.” So we got to talking and after one day he said I’m going to be preaching at the church I go to. So I went to his church called First General Baptist Church of Irving and on the first day, I told the pastor I play guitar and he said were down a Guitarist and Invited me on stage to play guitar. It’s crazy how God guides you places if you only trust in his plan!! I currently go to two churches one is First General Baptist Church of Irving and the other one is a Japanese mission church! I have a huge calling from God to become a pastor. I have been learning Japanese for over two years and I know God is calling me to preach, teach, and be a pastor in Japan. The only thing holding me back is money. If you like my website, Like how I have been plating the seed and want to donate even one dollar that would help a lot. All the money would go towards me being able to afford to go to a seminary school, moving to Japan to be a Missionary/Pastor, to pay for this website. and teach people about the Gospel. The suicide rate is so high in Japan and it is clear that Jesus is the answer. Even one dollar helps, I hope you join me on my mission! Patrick
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