I was born on May 4th, 1993 in a Northwest Suburb of IL. Growing up my parents always tried to take me to church but never went on the regular. My mom was Catholic so, as a kid, I went to a Catholic Church. My mom was pretty easy going so she let me be myself. As a kid if you knew me you would have known at a very young age I became obsessed with a tv show Called “Space Ghost Coast to Coast” As I got older around 4th or 5th grade I became really Good friends with two neighborhood kids. One summer day I heard one of their older brothers listening to this music and I thought I have to figure out who they are. So I ran and asked the brother he said they are called “Blink 182” thus my love for music was born. After a few months of listening to them, I begged my dad for a Guitar and he finally God me one. I’ve been playing ever since.

Right now I’m in school for Welding, General Studies, and soon I will go to ministry school to become a Pastor. One day I want to start my own church in Japan and preach the word of God and Jesus to help plant the seed to they can know there is hope in this world! I have also been playing guitar for 15+ years.

About My calling:

on 07/01/2017 I moved to Texas and like most people I love coffee so I found a coffee shop on google called Cuppa espresso bar, I drove up and down the street and couldn’t find it. I called the number and a few mins later they called me back and said they were inside the Irving Bible Church. After a few weeks of going to the Coffee shop, I found out the Owners names are Tiffany and Mimi. I had a Dog named Mimi and my sisters name is Tiffany I KNEW GOD WAS calling me but I didn’t know why. After a few more weeks I started going to the church services started to feel a huge calling from God to become a Pastor never thought about it before I moved to Texas, in fact, I wasn’t even going to church. I went up to the pastor, told him about my calling, and he said let’s meet for Coffee so I emailed him with no reply I wasn’t going to give up. So after a few more weeks, I was in my welding class and I randomly said to the teacher assistant are you religious? To this day I will never know why I asked him that. It’s almost God laid it on my heart to ask him that. He said, “yea why” and I said “I go to the Irving Bible church” and he said, “get out I know the pastor.” So we got to talking and after one day he said I’m going to be preaching at the church I go to. So I went to his church called First General Baptist Church of Irving and on the first day, I told the pastor I play guitar and he said were down a Guitarist and Invited me on stage to play guitar. It’s crazy how God guides you places if you only trust in his plan!!

I have been learning Japanese on and off for about two years. I feel a calling to preach and teach the Bible to Japanese people so I prayed about it and said God if this is in your will please give me a sign. So, I was on google and found a Japanese Baptist church but sadly it was at the same time as my other church so I went for two Sundays and said no I love the church I am at now so I prayed about it and said Lord if this is really in your will please give me a sign. So, one day I was on google and typed in Japanese adjectives and a website came up with English Christian terms translated from English to Japanese. I kept praying and said Lord if this is really in your will please give me a sign. So, he leads me to a Japanese mission church that starts about 30 mins to an hour after my Church ends. So the Lord had answered and said I want you to keep learning Japanese. So, one day I’m on my iPad looking for Japanese Podcasts and I type in radio station apps and I download a few I go onto one of them and type in Japanese. A radio station comes up called ひつじかい which means shepherd and the radio station was based in Japan so I know the Lord wants me to learn Japanese and become a pastor. I know God is calling me to Japan. I currently go to two churches one is called First General Baptist Church of Irving and then after that I go to a Japanese mission church then I go back to the first church for the night service I am very hard working and even a dollar can help me get to Japan to plant the seed, preach, and teach Gods word!

It’s AMAZING WHAT GOD AND Jesus can do!!!

I currently go to two churches one is in the morning called  First General Baptist Church Of Irving where I play guitar with the worship band! Then right after I go to A Japanese Mission Church, then usually I go back to First General Baptist Church for the night Service!

Mission to Japan!

Music: Music is my life when I was in about 4th grade I saw tom delonge from Blink 182 and knew I had to have a Guitar, After several months of begging my Dad he bought me a starter Acoustic Guitar. I was hooked and I’ve been playing ever since. I love church hymns and music. I’ve been playing guitar at First General Baptist Church of Irving but recently I got a calling to change churches to a Japanese Baptist church. God is amazing and blesses me in ways I can’t even describe.